Sometimes More IS Less

Whether you’re a novice, like me, or an aficionado in the world of Artisan (craftsperson) coffee there are a few benefits to purchasing your coffee in bulk. As a side note, National Bulk Foods Week is October 14-20 so go ahead and indulge in some bulk purchasing to help yourself, or your organization, out. Now, without further ado…

The Benefits Of Buying Food In Bulk 

  1. Saving Money      

Buying in bulk offers an average savings of 30 to 50 percent versus packaged food. Whoever doesn’t want to save money please raise your hand…that’s what I thought

2. Helping The Environment

Eliminating packaging reduces the carbon footprint. Less packaging means that less ends up in the landfills. Bulk food also streamlines the transportation needed to deliver goods to a market, helping to reduce CO2 emissions (there is an average reduction of emission by 48 percent each time a product is refilled from bulk versus the same product bought in traditional packaging). Seeing as mother earth is a living organism it would be in our best interest to be way kinder to her.

3. Wasting Less Food

As a child, growing up in my home, wasting food was a big no-no. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase the exact amount of foods you need, as opposed to manufacturer-divvied portions that may not get used before its expiration date. What a waste indeed. 

4. Avoiding The Risk Of Unavailability

If there’s one takeaway from watching The Walking Dead, it is this one point. By stocking up and buying in bulk you can avoid the panic and chaos when products sell out and you are anxiously waiting for new stock, which gives you more time to focus on crushing zombies. By being prepared and having extra in storage you are always one step ahead. This can be a great advantage for busy periods, such as the upcoming Christmas season.

Sidebar: Artisan coffee actually makes an excellent stocking stuffer for family, friends, coworkers, employees…you get the point. 

Activate the antioxidants!