Artisan Coffee Marketplace

About Us

Barcey’s is an Artisan Coffee supplier, serving as a multi-vendor platform for the country’s finest artisan coffee roasters. We provide consumers and businesses access to a selection of quality coffee at cheaper than retail prices hassle-free!

Our Story

Our journey began in 2008 when we proudly opened Barcey’s Cafe in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and became an instant hit. We were one of the neighborhood’s trailblazing coffee shops, quickly evolving into an all-day – everyday brunch hotspot that everyone loved.

With success came many challenges, in addition to the dreadful and grueling long hours of work. Still, we endured it for the rewarding experience of sharing in the comfort and tranquility that precision brewed coffee brings. We loved what we did.

Everything shifted in 2017 when we were expecting our first child. After a long and successful stint of operating our business, we decided to let it go to focus more on our baby and her unique needs. By the end of 2018, we sold our business, and though it was the most challenging decision we have ever made, we have not one single ounce of regret – it was a fantastic run.

As seasoned entrepreneurs, we could not help but wonder what our next venture would be after this entire ordeal; however, we were confident that our love for coffee would never part from us. This led to the idea of creating a marketplace for artisan coffee roasters to provide cafés, offices, small businesses, and consumers across the nation an opportunity to offer and rotate specialty coffees for their customers, employees, and themselves regularly at wholesale coffee rates. Roasters get the chance to showcase their creations and reach more potential customers, and with that premise, cafés and businesses can look forward to excited clients and employees, ready to down their next cup of joy. An individual who enjoys their own personal self-brewed coffee at home can also indulge in the marketplace. There are no limitations.

Above all, everyone involved in the process gets to enjoy the abundance and fulfillment of our collective team effort, and we provide a platform where we all share in our constant love for coffee. It was upon that notion that Barcey’s was conceived, and we have not looked back since.
To share our love for coffee with the nation and the world by connecting the businesses of life to artisan coffee roasters.