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MOCHA JAVA (Case of 12)

Some flavors, like certain colors, blend together to create something entirely new: yellow and blue make green, blue and red make purple, red and yellow make orange. Imagine peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, wine and cheese. In the coffee world there’s Mocha and Java––a centuries old blend of big bodied Indonesian coffees and sweeter, more wine-like, East African beans. At the Brooklyn Roasting Company, we make two versions of this classic coffee combination: one with a crisp floral washed Ethiopian (Mocha Java) the other with a berry tinged Ethiopian natural. We blend after roasting.

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: $144.00


Origin: Indonesia, East Africa
Process: Wet Hulled, Washed
Drying: Sun-Dried
Roast: 1 roast mocha java 10
Notes: Butterscotch, Peach, Yoo-hoo


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